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Our Working Futures Programme provides students with the aspirations, skills and experiences that they need to enter the world of employment.

Students are given the opportunity to visit a range of employers and experience different work environments. Each student is encouraged to build their own log of experiences and use them to develop a vocational profile of their skills and interests. Vocational profiles are used to help match students to appropriate work experience opportunities that they will enjoy and be successful in. We believe that job matching is crucial to creating a sustainable and successful employment opportunity.

All students experience work opportunities within the school curriculum such as working on the school catering van in its regular slot at Frome Market, or working alongside Frome Town Rangers to look after the green spaces of Frome. In addition, when they are ready, students will attend work placements within the local business community, building confidence and the skills that our local employers need. Initially these placements are supported, but with the aim of students attending independently as their skills and confidence grow. This is bespoke to the needs of each student, and can be developed at a personalised pace. Some students may try a number of work placements to help develop their vocational profile whereas others will settle into an extended placement more quickly. Students regularly track, plan and review their work placements with the support of staff as needed.

Supported internships are a proven successful and sustainable route into employment. An internship is an educational programme where the student spends most of the time with the employer, learning the job and the other skills they need to manage in the workplace independently. There is no timescale for completion, but it usually lasts about six months. The understanding is that on successful completion of the internship, the student can be offered a job with that employer. Each internship will be bespoke to the development of the individual pupil and the needs of the employer.

Working Futures