In 2019 pupils from Critchill School won a national competition with Kompan.

As well as incorporating the equipment that the pupils wanted, considerate, inclusive design choices were also made in conjunction with the expertise of therapists that the school works closely with, in order to support the particular needs of the young people that attend Critchill School. The installation has now changed the outside playground space completely. The imposing twin Mega Towers act as an inticing centrepiece while other dynamic play equipment cleverly placed invite the pupils to play.

Staff have already observed greater interactions between students, for example spinning each other and collaborating to manipulate how pieces of equipment such as the swing move. Such is the change in the space and the opportunities that it offers the pupils, that the younger pupils no longer call it ‘the playground’ but instead have named it ‘the park’.

This film shows them using their new outdoor gym and playspace… ‘The Park’ in action.