Critchill School Vision Statement

ASPIRATION – Our students are at the centre of Critchill School. Our holistic, aspirational approach to education enables our students to make a full and positive contribution to school and community and fully prepares them for future success. Students become independent and valued members of society having achieved their potential academically, socially and in employment.

OPPORTUNITY – Each individual student will receive a profoundly personalised curriculum which is created through real life, meaningful teaching and learning. We fully understand each students’ strengths and needs at their point of learning and can scaffold teaching and experiences to enable ‘deep learning’ through flexible, responsive activities.

ACHIEVEMENT – Our students and staff strive for unique and exceptional achievement. They will realise progress day to day and year on year through their abilities, effort and courage. Our students will succeed in developing self-confidence and become resilient learners, workers and risk takers with the ability to apply knowledge across different environments and contexts.


At Critchill School we value:

  • Individual aspiration and potential
  • Opportunity and inclusion
  • Unique and exceptional achievement
  • Communication and teamwork throughout our whole community
  • Forward thinking, creative and innovative approaches to all aspects of education
  • High standards and expectations from staff and pupils