Post 16 Offer

We believe in having aspirational outcomes for all of our students at all points in their school life but also as they leave school and enter adult life. We believe that community involvement, good health, independence and employment are key to a happier, more fulfilled life. Our curriculum is designed to prepare out students for adulthood and ensure that they leave fully equipped to be positive and contributing members of their local community.

Each student has their own bespoke pathway through Post 16, to meet their current needs and to develop their next steps towards their desired outcomes. This is achieved in partnership with parents and other outside professionals as appropriate. We meet with students individually on a regular basis to plan, track, review and adapt their pathways as necessary. It is paramount to us that each student’s voice is deeply rooted in the planning of his or her future.

In addition to the bespoke pathway each student also has a “Personal Learning Intention Map” (PLIM). This is based on an individual’s strengths and needs. Each PLIM is cross referenced with a young person’s Education Health Care Plan, reports from other professionals, input from parents and families as well as with the aspirations of the young person. The PLIM ensures that each chosen pathway is highly personalised and tailored to each individual student.