The Critchill Code

Pupils and staff have worked collaboratively to devise the ‘Critchill Code’. The code reflects our values as a school and the high aspirations that we have for all of our pupils. The Critchill Code enables our pupils to understand what is expected of them and what they should expect from us.

We help each other

We respect each other

We encourage each other to make good decisions

We look after our school

We keep trying and attempt to do our best

Reward System

Our reward systems are consistently applied throughout the school but can also be personalised to meet the needs of individuals. At Critchill School we link rewards to the choices that pupils make, to help them make the best choice. This approach:

  • Increases learners’ sense of responsibility & helps them to take responsibility
  • Regards mistakes as part of learning.
  • Is positive.
  • Where appropriate, overtly links responsibility, choice and consequence.
  • Helps them to manage their own behaviour
Certificates Pupils collect stars for achievements made towards the Critchill Code or their PLIMs.  Stars are collated either at the end of the day or week (depending on the approach taken by the class team) to produce an internal “star of the day” or a “star of the week” certificate which is then presented by a member of our Senior Leadership team on a Friday.
Class of the Term A trophy is awarded to the class that have collected the most stars over the course of the term.
Governor’s Award One student from across the school is identified to receive the Governor’s award. This award is specifically linked to a young person’s positive contribution to the wider school or local community.
Additional rewards

Descriptive praise.
Communication with parents and carers to inform them of the behaviour or achievement.
Special responsibilities/privileges.
Preferred activities above and beyond the scheduled daily activities (e.g.sensory room, bike, IPAD, choosing time).