Build a Bike Cycle Workshop

The cycle workshop provides vulnerable and disengaged students with the opportunity to learn new skills, develop self-confidence and gain a sense of achievement, as well as begin to build work-related skills such as team-working and problem solving.

Bicycle maintenance is the primary focus of the provision students also learn about healthy living, nutrition for exercise, planning cycle routes and preparing for different weather conditions, cycling proficiency and health and safety in the workplace.

Students are able to keep the fully refurbished and safety checked bike they have worked on, at the end of the term if the agreed contract has been fulfilled.

The provision may also enable students to progress to other forms of training and work experience.

The provision is available once a week, for 6 weeks during term time, for up to 4 students.
Pupils are supported by skilled Critchill school staff.

Currently the Build a bike course is working with schools from within the Frome Learning Partnership.